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The German Prostate Cancer Consortium (DPKK) was founded in 2003 on February 26th by 17 experts of several disciplines, i.e. urology, pathology, genetics, clinical chemistry and basic research.

Meanwhile patients and self-help groups are also members of the DPKK so that this became an ideal platform for mutually interlinked communication which is unique in Germany.

New scientific and technical progress in prostate cancer research is going to be achieved by interdisciplinary collaboration following stringent consideration of standard operation procedures and consolidation of research activities. One major objective is the implementation of a joint prostate cancer database and tissue bank.

Annual General Meetings and Scientific Conferences permit an intensive sscientific exchange and serve as a focal point for the inititation of new research cooperations and common projects. Central projects are a common DPKK Prostate Cancer Biobank and a extensive Tissue Micro Array from tissues of different metastatic stages of prostate cancer.


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The DPKK is kindly supported by Movember, Takeda Pharma and one4vision.

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Upcoming events

11th General Meeting of the DPKK and Annual Conference

  • 14.-15. März 2014 in Dreden

  • Topics: CRPC, TMA-Project, Biobank-Server, further projects of our members

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6. AuF-Symposium

  • 13.-15. November 2014 in Homburg/Saar,

  • Topic: "Interdisciplinary Research in Urologie: Benefit by Networking"

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Charitable contributions

The work of the DPKK relies on contributions. You can support the DPKK by donations or by getting a membership.

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